Defend Your State Free 5-Day Challenge

For Fired Up Patriots Ready To Take Local Action

Independence Day Edition



9:00pm - 9:45pm EST Each Night.

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"In our last 5 years of seeing Americans who want to be involved in becoming changemakers, we've noticed that every week, in every state, after every event, the same roadblock appears..."

What's the roadblock?

“I am ready to help, I just don’t know how to get started, or what to do next.”

It’s the #1 struggle of every fired-up patriot in the USA!

Not knowing what to do next. You or someone you know truly wants to get whole heartily involved, and one day, be a part of a BIG change, experience the feelings of authentic patriotism, and that “MY” actions actually made the difference that changed the course of a nation.

Today it all changes.

The roadblock of not knowing what to do next is about to be destroyed.

We have created the “Defend Your State Free 5-Day Challenge” to help fired-up patriots, just like you, learn how to get involved at the local level and start your movement without the confusion of not knowing where to start

or what to do next.

"It all starts locally. If we can win locally, we can win federally."

The challenge has been designed to develop and equip leaders to defend their local area, crush current beliefs, learn specific actionable steps which will lead to success, over the course of 5-days.

Unlike an e-course, multi-day summit, or workshop, a challenge is designed to truncate time,

build a community and, get REAL RESULTS fast!

Past Top Contributors.

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A clearly defined cause to fight for.

A team who are as passionate as you are to work with.

A place to meet in person for free.

A resource guide with your local government sources so you will can take MASSIVE ACTION and make waves.

Online and offline technology you will need to keep in touch with current members and reach out to prospective team members.

A network on the national level with continued support and sharing of resources.

Look What Joe Cruz Accomplished As A Result Of The The Challenge.

With a time investment of less than 1 hour per day, you will take legitimate action steps that will get you closer to starting your own grassroots movement, in your own backyard,

which will create absolute results in less than a week!

Something that has never happened in ANY self-paced online training course, or after any big rally.

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going

to take it anymore!"

"If you honor the rights of you & your neighbor, honor the constitution and obey the law, then this movement is for you!" - Raj Doraisamy

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